Warranty Request

Transit Auto offer a free limited lifetime warranty on Transit Inc. products.

All other products are covered by the original manufacturer warranty. For more information on these warranty contact the manufacturer directly.

Additional information

Find most information about our warranty policy right here.

If you need more information, make sure to head over to contact us.

Warranty Lifetime

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty is valid for the normal reasonable lifetime of the product.

Warranty Coverage

Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to products damaged by misuse, alteration, accident, abuse, neglect, wear, rust, warping, improper installation, improper application, use for a vehicle or purpose it is not designed for, or modification/customization from its original manufactured state. Normal wear is not a non-conformity in material or workmanship.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty is a replacement warranty only. In the even that the warranty is approved, the original buyer is entitled to a replacement of the same or better quality. We do not offer refund or any compensation.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty is not transferable.

Vehicle Replacement Parts

For replacement parts, the warranty is only valid for parts installed by a certified professional mechanics.

It is also the responsibility of the buyer to have the replacement parts visually inspected by a certified professional mechanics before installation.

Replacement parts are designed and tested to be able to handle vehicle OE specifications. Warranty is deemed void if installed on a vehicle that had modification on, but not limited to, steering and/or suspension.

Warranty Claim

To benefit from the warranty, you would need to provide all required documents:

  • A duly completed and signed Warranty Claim Form for each warranted product.
  • A picture of the manufacturing defect.
  • The invoice for the installed part from a certified mechanic, with a legible name and date.
  • The original proof of purchase with the supplier’s name, buyer information, date, product number and quantity.

To begin your warranty process, please contact us and our expert will provide you with the warranty form to be completed.

Shipping Information

The customer is responsible for paying the freight for warranty returns incoming to our Quality Control department if the product needs inspection.